A little bit about L’Arche Community

At the heart of L’Arche there is a desire for active and living faith, for unity, for growth and for integration. Each of these represents an aspect of the spiritual message of L’Arche. The Charter states:

Whatever their gifts or their limitations, people are all bound together in a common humanity. Everyone is of unique and sacred value, and everyone has the same dignity and the same rights. The fundamental rights of each person include the right to life, to care, to a home, to education and to work. Also, since the deepest need of a human being is to love and be loved, each person has a right to friendship, to communion and to a spiritual life.

Also the L’Arche Charter speaks of L’Arche as ‘Communities of Faith.’ Such communities are rooted in prayer and trust in God. All members of these communities are encouraged to deepen their spirituality and follow the tradition they belong to.

“The same sense of communion unites the various communities throughout the world. Bound together by solidarity and mutual commitment, they form a worldwide family”- from the Charter of the Communities of L’Arche

L’Arche communities are individual communities throughout the world that share in the same common vision, identity, and mission at the core of what we do.

A community has its own board of directors responsible for the community’s financial well-being and to monitor that the community is following the L’Arche mission, keeping us accountable to that as well as to regulations relative for the services we provide.

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I was immediately impressed with the warm welcome and accepting atmosphere of the community.

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