A typical routine for an Assistant?

Assistants work to build a relationship of mutual care and support with persons with disabilities; foster a home life of unity, mutual respect and provide direct care supports and skill building such as:

  • Helping people to get up in the mornings
  • Preparing meals in the house and celebrations
  • Day-to-day housekeeping, giving out medication and basic administration tasks
  • Supporting people with intellectual disability with their health and social activities
  • Organising and attending community events, for example Open Night of Prayer and preparing other spontaneous events, such as celebrations and outings
  • Liaise wiith parents, Social Services and other Medical Professionals

Who becomes a L’Arche Assistant?

Some of the most important criteria are an open heart, willingness to learn, commitment to personal growth, and belief in the unique sacredness and value of every individual. Assistants can range in age from the early 20s on up. As an international organisation, we welcome assistants from other countries.

Qualification / Experience?

Assistants must be at least 20 years old, depending on the locale of the L’Arche community. Additionally, qualifications include:

  • Secondary school completed, or equivalent
  • Interest in living in a Christian faith community alongside people with intellectual disability
  • Experience in working with individuals with disabilities
  • Creativity, flexibility, attention to detail
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team

How long can I come for?

We generally ask assistants to come for a minimum of one year to the Community. In practice, many choose to stay for longer.

Get Involved

I was immediately impressed with the warm welcome and accepting atmosphere of the community.

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